Sunday, February 4, 2007

In Oregon, EVERY hour is Happy Hour!

Ashley wanted to know about good wineries in Oregon to visit with her special gentleman friend, Chris.

Good wine?? How about GREAT WINE!?!

An hour's drive from Portland lands you in the heart of the Willamette Valley, the crib to some kick ass vino, Oregon's best! But you better like pinot!

From our hotel, take Hwy. 99 towards McMinnville ("Mac" to the locals). Feel free to drop my name. EVERYONE knows me in Yamhill County, my old stomping grounds pre-Oregonian days.

A short list of possible stops in YamCo:

Amity Vineyards (um, in Amity)
Argyle Winery and Ponzi Vineyards in the Hwy 99 bottleneck known as Dundee
Willakenzie Vineyards in Yamhill (Go Y-C Tigers!!)
Sokol Blosser in Dayton
Hotel Oregon in Mac. Yep, it's a McMenamins restaurant-hotel, located right in smack dab in the center of "historic downtown McMinnville." Check out the view from the rooftop bar. The cellar doesn't have quite the same view, but the entire establishment will have a healthy selection of local wines to taste, as well as brews. They even have their own wine label. I consumed many spirits there after (and before) deadline. And during, for that matter...

Drink up! It's Happy Hour!

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Chris Detrick said...

Awesome. So can we extend Geekfest another 7 days...or weeks??