Friday, February 23, 2007

Behind every Leica should be Jennifer Connelly

I'm just sayin'.

But this ain't just ANY Leica. Nope, it belongs to our latest speaker, a Mr. James Rexroad, who just became my hero after sharing that tidbit. There's more to that relationship, and I look forward to hearing every juicy detail firsthand at GF PDX over drinks.

James gave me permission to steal his bio from his web site. He said he spent HOURS on it:

"James was born in Marcola, Oregon to Luella Rose Rexroad, his mother and inspiration, and has three brothers, David, Robert, and Thomas.

After developing an interest in photography at Powell's City of Books, James started working as a newspaper photographer in Portland, Oregon."

Hours, huh? Well, I do know this: this cat worked for Life Mag, among other prominent clients. He has some amazing stories to share as a freelancer in THE Apple, as well as from the road.

I haven't taken written notes in class since 1992, but I believe that will change when our guy takes center stage.

Visit James' web page and check out his images and tearsheets.

Do it. Do it.

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