Friday, February 23, 2007

There's More

I've known James since 1992 when I was into my first year as a staffer at The Columbian in Vancouver, Wash. I think James was 19 or 20-years-old. He got his start as an intern right out of high school. He made a wad of cash shooting the aftermath Curt Cobain's suicide. With that in the bank, he went to New York, London, Bosnia and back to New York. He landed at LIFE magazine as a contract photographer after Joe McNally left. He shot some stories and had some covers. He then travelled some more for Outside magazine and bunch of others. There's a lot more, that just what I know. But, one thing for sure, he's accomplished quite a lot for a kid from Marcola. I've been to Marcola. There's a store, a restaurant and a phone booth that doesn't always work, which is important to know, because there's no cell service either. Anyway, I thought it was important to add that, because he won't tell you any of it unless you ask.


Behind every Leica should be Jennifer Connelly

I'm just sayin'.

But this ain't just ANY Leica. Nope, it belongs to our latest speaker, a Mr. James Rexroad, who just became my hero after sharing that tidbit. There's more to that relationship, and I look forward to hearing every juicy detail firsthand at GF PDX over drinks.

James gave me permission to steal his bio from his web site. He said he spent HOURS on it:

"James was born in Marcola, Oregon to Luella Rose Rexroad, his mother and inspiration, and has three brothers, David, Robert, and Thomas.

After developing an interest in photography at Powell's City of Books, James started working as a newspaper photographer in Portland, Oregon."

Hours, huh? Well, I do know this: this cat worked for Life Mag, among other prominent clients. He has some amazing stories to share as a freelancer in THE Apple, as well as from the road.

I haven't taken written notes in class since 1992, but I believe that will change when our guy takes center stage.

Visit James' web page and check out his images and tearsheets.

Do it. Do it.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Mystery Meet

Can you guess who our new speaker is?? Sorry, sadly, it's NOT Rosie Perez. Could you imagine...??

A hint: as an even younger man, this dude shot for Life Mag. (Ever heard of that rag, kiddies?)

Sunday, February 4, 2007

In Oregon, EVERY hour is Happy Hour!

Ashley wanted to know about good wineries in Oregon to visit with her special gentleman friend, Chris.

Good wine?? How about GREAT WINE!?!

An hour's drive from Portland lands you in the heart of the Willamette Valley, the crib to some kick ass vino, Oregon's best! But you better like pinot!

From our hotel, take Hwy. 99 towards McMinnville ("Mac" to the locals). Feel free to drop my name. EVERYONE knows me in Yamhill County, my old stomping grounds pre-Oregonian days.

A short list of possible stops in YamCo:

Amity Vineyards (um, in Amity)
Argyle Winery and Ponzi Vineyards in the Hwy 99 bottleneck known as Dundee
Willakenzie Vineyards in Yamhill (Go Y-C Tigers!!)
Sokol Blosser in Dayton
Hotel Oregon in Mac. Yep, it's a McMenamins restaurant-hotel, located right in smack dab in the center of "historic downtown McMinnville." Check out the view from the rooftop bar. The cellar doesn't have quite the same view, but the entire establishment will have a healthy selection of local wines to taste, as well as brews. They even have their own wine label. I consumed many spirits there after (and before) deadline. And during, for that matter...

Drink up! It's Happy Hour!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

What's cooler than being cool??

Boyd and I were in P-town on assignment and swung by our GF homebase w/ L.E. for a late dinner and drink.

Have I mentioned how cool The Jupiter is??

For those @ GF Austin, the lay of the hotel-land is similar, with second-story balconies. Perfect for people watching.

There's also tons of outdoor seating for drinking. AND a fire for late-night discussions on f-stops and shutter speeds.

Best part: it won't cost you $450 for that drink. More like $4.50.