Sunday, April 1, 2007

NPPA OPP: The Other Photog Pilgrimage

The Anti-Geekfest may very well be The NPPA National Convention. Meetings over rules, theory, rules, what have you. (I actually have no idea what the NPPA truly does anymore. Do THEY? Can't imagine they'll have kegs of micro brew and air hockey...)

But if you're thinking of making the pilgrimage to Portland for GF PDX June 7-10, it may be worth your while to come out a week earlier as The Rose City also hosts the NPPA bruhaha May 30-June 2. You might even be able to convince your bosses to pay for the entire trip by attending "an official" workshop.

The only reason why I'm thinking of going (other than I live here) is that Carolyn Cole & Lauren Greenfield will be in attendance. (And I heard that they're coming to P-town to meet me and my peeps.) There's also a multi-media workshop, presided by Finch (seen here) and fellow fellows.

For the latest, check out REGULARLY as they slowly piece together their plan of attack.

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