Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Oh, PUCK!!

Only a few days (and months) late, LaBarge and I surprised Bruce with a belated wedding gift. After breaking into his house, we assembled the air hockey table in his basement office while he was busy at work.

The look of shock and bewilderment on Bruce's face when entering his office was simply priceless. Thanks to those that helped chip in for the gift!

After breaking it in by spanking me and LaBarge, Bruce told me:

"Tell those yahoos on your blog that we're having an air hockey tournament here at my place during Geekfest." (pending permission from The Mrs.)

As it stands now, Bruce is dialed in to speak Thursday night. Will confirm this later, but it'll likely be at his house, with brews, BBQ and air hockey. LaBarge lives next door, which is strategically perfect for occasions like this.

TBrown has already begun the trash talking, calling herself "practically a professional air hockey player!"

Beware, though. Bruce plays some stingy defense.

Puck on!

1 comment:

Glenn said...

haha you guys seem pretty into air hockey. it is awesome. you might find interest in our DIY air hockey table, check it out!